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Pro-Polygamy Sites

Some anti-polygamy sites appear to specifically not link to certain pro-polygamy sites .

Yet, some pro-polygamy sites have indeed linked back to some anti-polygamy sites.

Soon after T.A.P. set up their web-site in the early summer of 1998, and soon after The Principle later set up a separate web-site a year or so later, one pro-polygamy site, called, immediately linked to them, announced the links, and has continued to link back still.

And yet, these other sites advancing anti-polygamy would not even so much as make a mention of the linking-back pro-polygamy site.

Because the owners of such anti-polygamy sites were hurt women who had suffered great pain from some of the viewpoints in their specific "fundamentalist mormon plural families", these anti-polygamy sites would make mention of all kinds of abusive examples of specific "fundamentalist mormon" groups, from which these particular hurt women had come.

For these anti-polygamy sites, the word "polygamy" is inaccurately being defined and presented as if "polygamy" means "fundamentalist mormon" (which, of course, it doesn't mean that at all).

No doubt, having experienced great pain from such abusive situations, these women's views are understandably skewed with the bias of the "fundamentalist mormon" thought process of "polygamy".

Moreover, the only one single mention which the anti-polygamy sites appear to even make about polygamy as a purported "Christian" concept is their only mention of one single breakaway sect, of which is not even embraced by many actual Christians in what they call, "Christian Polygamy". (And in making such a mention of such a breakaway sect, the anti-polygamy sites also repeat the sect's wholly untrue numbers about its supposed followers --- as if it were really true that there were so many thousands upon thousands of followers of that breakaway sect, which is, of course, also not true at all, either).

This would leave one with the appearance that any actual positive pro-polygamy site, such as the primary pro-polygamy organization,, poses a challenge to the anti-polygamy agenda of these anti-polygamy web-sites. This would be due to that pro-polygamy organization's positive content, its very visible opposition against abuse and against other acts of hurting women, and its truly Christian and non-"fundamentalist mormon" perspective. Such a positive pro-polygamy site as ---an organization even--- appears to be "too positive" that the anti-polygamy sites are "afraid", as it were, to let others know that it exists because to otherwise do so would expose the mistakes of the negativities advanced in inaccurate anti-polygamy rhetoric.

Conversely, such a pro-polygamy site as appears to be quite confident of its positive version, definition, and expression of pro-polygamy thinking, having no "fear" to openly link-back to the anti-polygamy sites. After all, that organization of has been linking to such anti-polygamy sites from their (i.e., each of the anti-polygamy sites') very beginnings online.

This, of course, speaks volumes of the confidence of such a pro-polygamy site and of the "fearfulness" of the anti-polygamy sites.

Indeed, due to the kind-hearted nature of the content of that pro-polygamy site,, one can easily see that that organization (its leadership and its Founder) would actually have a heart filled with sadness for the pain and abuse which the women in the anti-polygamy sites had endured. Indeed, one could even envision how that particular pro-polygamy organization ( would be glad to work together with the anti-polygamy sites to oppose the actual abusive situations which do indeed cause so much pain for women.

Nevertheless, time marches on, and the anti-polygamy sites, as of this writing, continue to not link back to positive pro-polygamy sites that DO link back to them.

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