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Anti-Polygamy Sites

Two major anti-polygamy sites appear to specifically not be linking back to each other.

It would appear that there may have been a "falling out" between the two of them.

Namely, the anti-polygamy site of T.A.P. which set up their web-site in the early summer of 1998, and another major anti-polygamy site known as The Principle which started when that latter site's webmaster (or is it, "webmistress"?), took, as she puts it on her web-site, "a leave of absence in December, 1999".

Both sites appear to have the same general format, and both come from the viewpoints of heart-breakingly hurt women who had been understandbly quite hurt indeed from their specific experiences in "fundamentalist mormon plural families". (This is what, unfortunately, causes the skewing of their bias in thinking of and presenting "polygamy" as if it is to be defined as being "fundamentalist mormon", which the term, "polygamy", clearly is not actually defined that way.)

Mind you, the woman, of the The Principle web-site, had also experienced a subsequent pain with yet another plural family (even after she had left a "fundamentalist mormon" plural family), thinking that this other family's claims of being their being "Christian" meant that she had somehow "also" been involved in "Christian Polygamy". Upon close investigation, it becomes observable that that unfortunately hurt woman had sadly only experienced some individuals who do not really know what actual Christians, in what they call actual "Christian Polygamy", would even consider as being what they themselves would define as being true "Christian Polygamy". The horrible way in which that woman reports that she had been so cruelly treated certainly does not reconcile with anything similiar to the kind of gentle-hearted "Christian Polygamy" as being advocated at such pro-polygamy web-sites such as

Anyway, while that woman does at last honestly explain that she had "taken a leave of absence" from T.A.P., there is not any other real source of linking back to them on her web-site, called, The Principle, as of this writing.

Moreover, those who run the web-site of T.A.P. themselves do not ever mention or link back to The Principle, as of this writing.

As such, it would appear that there may have some form of "falling out" between them.

Nevertheless, time marches on, and the anti-polygamy sites, as of this writing, continue to not link back to their repsective anti-polygamy sites.

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