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Counsellor Seduction of a Client

Is the issue of counsellor seduction of a client really about POLYGAMY?

Namely, in referring to this issue of counsellor seduction of a client, this is speaking about the idea of a man who is a counsellor who commits the full-blown breach of "counsellor ethics" (which might be deemed as being wholly criminal in some areas) of seducing some already-hurting woman who had become his client. This is, therefore, speaking about such an unethical counsellor therewith exploiting the power-dynamic that the woman, as his client, had turned to him for his counselling help, relying and trusting him to help her in her emotional, psychological, and/or spiritual burdens and troubles. Yet, rather than be responsible with such a trust in a position of her vulnerability, he instead, having all such vulnerable information about such a vulnerable, needful dear woman, uses it against her to suggest that his seduction would supposedly help and cure her. Because she so trustfully relies upon him (as do most clients in any intense counsellor-client relationships) as her sort-of emotional "guru", his almost as being a mini-god to her, the counsellor then breaks that trust and seduces her. The dear hurting woman, without even realizing that she has been so profoundly manipulated, instantly and gladly accepts it with joy.

Upon close investigation, we discover that many pro-POLYGAMY minded individuals, when they actually stop and think about the horrendous abuse of such a power-dynamic, when they realize this without bias, such ones do not support the idea of counsellor seduction of a client at all. In fact, some pro-POLYGAMY minded individuals are very much "against" it indeed, realizing that such a horrendous exploitation and abuse of a power-dynamic indeed is really not all that different than the horrendous exploitation and abuse of the power-dynamic in a relationship between a father and a daughter (or step-daughter), for example. Thus, such pro-POLYGAMY ones, upon their stepping back from their own biases to look at the issue squarely, many of such pro-POLYGAMY do indeed oppose such a profound breach of "counsellor ethics", seeing such unjustifiable counsellor-abuse as being just about equivalent with that of the abuse of any father exploiting that power-dynamic in such a way with a daughter (or step-daughter).

On the other hand, there are some other people, who only support MONOGAMY (actually being anti-POLYGAMY minded), who actually would think that the idea of counsellor seduction of a client is acceptable. How many MONOGAMY-only counsellors who have done this total breach of ethics done this very thing? The answer is, very obviously, ALL!

Of course, though, as this idea of counsellor seduction of a client is considered quite and downright unacceptable to many in civil society, still though, that does not mean that such ones would then think that MONOGAMY itself should then be banned, just because they found some horrendous examples of pro-MONOGAMY individuals perpetrating counsellor seduction of a client. Rather, such ones would only be concerned specifically with the idea of counsellor seduction of a client by itself.

Any person who therefore concludes that they are even downright "against" counsellor seduction of a client, then it must also be understood and concluded that that issue is a completetly separate issue from that of POLYGAMY. Moreover, all who would oppose that horrendous idea of counsellor seduction of a client would also actually find much support even from many who do support POLYGAMY.

As such, this investigation reveals that the issue of counsellor seduction of a client is a completely separate issue from POLYGAMY altogether.

Therefore, THAT then reveals the truth for us that counsellor seduction of a client is not a basis for bringing us to an ANTI-POLYGAMY way of thinking.

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