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 Polygamy Issues?

° Domestic Violence
° Cult Mind Control
° Religious Manipulation
° Wedding Vow Breakers
° Arranged Marriages
° Incest
° Underage
° Welfare Fraud
° Father Seduction
° Counsellor Seduction

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° Pro-Polygamy sites


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For More Information

Here are some links for further investigation.


TruthBearer - the organization of activists and resources in the "movement" promoting Christian polygamy

Polygamy Day ™ - Non-religious, non-profit, Polygamy Day, Inc. promoting official Polygamy Day ™ every August 19.

Biblical Polygamy - shows the Bible supporting polygamy

Christian Polygamy INFO - explains/records the new Christian Polygamy "movement"

Love Not Force - the "Standard of Christian Polygamy," about loving wives - informs media outlets and others with current news articles - provides Pro-Polygamy Passport ™ for supporters


T.A.P. - ex-Fundamentalist Mormon women from breakaway Mormon polygamous sects offer help to any women who also want to leave

The Principle - an ex-Fundamentalist Mormon woman who used to be with T.A.P. - anti-polygamists may purchase special email addresses

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